GEM Bulgaria Awards 2016


For the first year the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Bulgaria will give out its annual award in six categories. Each GEM Bulgaria Award will be given to a person, team or organisation which positively impacts the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria.

The six categories represent different elements of the ecosystem, including social entrepreneurship initiatives, projects in the public sector, media, non-government, etc. The jury for the awards is formed by experts from the GEM National Expert Panel.

Here are our 6 categories:

  1. Social entrepreneurship addressing social, environmental or community problem and is offering own products and services.

  2. Public sector project/initiative/instrument/practice with significant positive impact on the ecosystem

  3. Partnership between different organisations within or between different domains (public, private, NGO)

  4. Comeback of the year – Entrepreneur/Company that had been successful, closed down or almost ceased to exist, only to come back into the game and reclaim their position.

  5. Media product – product or initiative that has/had positive impact on the societal perceptions about entrepreneurship and positive role models.

  6. NGO initiative led by a non-for-profit organisation in support of the entrepreneurship: potential entrepreneurs, education, current entrepreneurs and more.

Nomination form

DEADLINE: Nominations are open until 28 September 2016. 

The Award ceremony will take place during the VIP dinner on 3 October 2016, part of the first GEM Bulgaria Annual Conference 2016 at Rainbow Plaza, Sofia. To attend, please purchase VIP ticket here.

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