Would Copernicus be wrong about who orbits whom in the entrepreneurial (eco)system?


We know that Earth orbits the Sun. We even have scientific evidences and that’s the way the world goes! But we are not going to show you same old things and this event will not keep you in your comfortable conference place.

Just think: what if we try to find out if there is another way things are happening? For example, in entrepreneurs’ reality, they go to VCs for money in order to keep their ideas and businesses running or spinning. The procedure is so well known and old-fashioned that even the Queen of England could get bored by this tradition.

What if we’d turned the tables and investors had to pitch to entrepreneurs? Sounds better now, right!? That’s the exact concept of our “Money Talk” reverse-pitch session.

We will put investors in the hot seat and invite them on stage to do just that. We have carefully selected 6 pitches from investors to present their funds and we’ve also invited 3 entrepreneurs to ask them questions.

The entrepreneurs are from different business fields and with different professional background – global leader in digital transformation, head of a leading Bulgarian cluster, founder of a product selling in Manhattan and more.

Of course, even the most innovative approach needs moderation! The president of ‘Start-It-Smart’ Nikola Yanev will be in charge the pitch – although pretty young, he is wise and energetic, experienced in educating and connecting the new wave of Bulgarian entrepreneurs.

Dea Markova will moderate the Jury. Professionally Dea oversees the design and implementation of collaborative projects between the London-based start-up Innovate Finance, institutional members and partners. Currently, she leads the development of UK’s Virtual Sandbox, Innovate Finance’s Blockchain Lab and a scale up acceleration programme.

Learn more about our “Money Talks” pitch session here and stay tuned for the full list of participants.