Plamen Popov

Plamen Popov

Plamen Popov is a serial entrepreneur and has over 13 business projects in his illustrious career. He made his first hit at the age of 25 – a sale worth more than half a million euro.

Now he runs 4 projects, including one of the biggest yoga centers for personal transformation in Bulgaria, a startup with 200% growth in sales in his first 6 months. And an innovative reality TV show, representing the spirit of entrepreneurship in Bulgaria.

WORKSHOP: How to harness the power of influence and communication in entrepreneurship

Rainbow Plaza Seminar room

What does it mean to influence? If you are impacting the outcome of a certain event, you are influencing it. How do we apply this power in entrepreneurship then? When we influence people with superior abilities than ours, we can succeed with tasks and activities far beyond our personal limits. But what if we want a better influencer […]