Yassar Markos

Yassar Markos

As a professional life coach, Yassar Markos has over 9 years’ experience in creating positive transformation in the lives of people he’d worked with.

He had led seminars in Netherlands and Israel, coaching more than 8000 people. His passion is improving the quality of life of the people who seek improvement and change. Yassar believes we, people, have unlimited potential. And what he does is nothing more than helping people reach their amazing potential.

WORKSHOP: How to harness the power of influence and communication in entrepreneurship

Rainbow Plaza Seminar room

What does it mean to influence? If you are impacting the outcome of a certain event, you are influencing it. How do we apply this power in entrepreneurship then? When we influence people with superior abilities than ours, we can succeed with tasks and activities far beyond our personal limits. But what if we want a better influencer […]